Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Pick of the Night

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The Friday Night Project

10pm, Channel 4

IT IS new, it is much-hyped and, if you believe Channel 4, it is going to be big.

But, sadly, it is far from clever. In fact, this comedy entertainment show makes you wonder what is it about the schedules late on a Friday night that compels TV executives to ditch any sense of quality and opt for the most banal and juvenile of programme formats? Ah yes ... alcohol.

Presumably the programming executives assume that anyone watching TV after 10pm on a Friday has either been sitting in his or her armchair consuming a rapidly dwindling alcohol supply or swaying in a pub, drinking its plentiful stock of alcopops until compelled to stop by nausea. Our heavy-drinking culture may be causing a furore among the politicians, but it clearly works well for some TV shows.

Anyway, here's another programme to add to the long and undistinguished list of alco-TV.

It features comics Jimmy Carr (right), Rob Rouse, Sharon Horgan and Lucy Montgomery.

Each week they are joined by a celebrity guest host - tonight's is Vinnie Jones, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels star and ex-footballer.

Music is provided by Charlie from Busted's new band, Fightstar.

The celebrities all have to perform set tasks, with supposedly hilarious consequences. One of their tests is to open the show with a monologue, and other games include taking to the streets to use the power of their celebrity to get people to do funny or stupid things. Wow, we've never seen that before.

As if that were not enough, there's also Abi Titmuss making a special appearance in her Mystery Sex Tape Challenge, using her powers of seduction on a celebrity.

There's so much good stuff on Channel 4, isn't it about time we had some decent shows late on a Friday? There would be no losers. Most viewers would welcome the change and the people who've been pickling themselves in alcohol all evening wouldn't notice the difference. …

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