Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Bushy Tales; URBAN FOX

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Bushy Tales; URBAN FOX

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Royal flush

Only two people have access to an exclusive upstairs loo at Claridge's, which is reputed to put most other lavatories in the shade. One is the King of Spain. The other? No, not Kate Moss, who held her decadent birthday party at the Mayfair hotel. The honour belongs to Young Fogey financier Jacob Rees-Mogg. 'Jacob is such a valued patron of Claridge's that he has special access to the loo,' an insider tells me. 'It was our way of showing that we love having him here.'

What the Dickens, Alistair?

The Big Impression's Alistair McGowan is reportedly determined to make it as a serious actor: the comic has his first straight role in the Beeb's forthcoming Bleak House and is also rocking up at the Chichester Festival Theatre to play the lead in a Gogol play. To add further weight to his artistic credentials, I am also told that he is a poet: 'He's very good and has written enough for a book. However, he finds it all a bit embarrassing and is reluctant to publish.' It's no surprise, a lifetime of Des Lynam impressions would start most people penning angst-ridden verse.

She did it Mia's way

After disastrous marriages to Frank Sinatra and conductor Andre Previn, and a failed relationship with Woody Allen, Mia Farrow has promised never to tie the knot again.

'I haven't met someone else,' she said.

'If I did, then I'd have to worry about their food, their shirts, their work. I'm not sure I'd want to do that again. It would really have to be someone very special.' Indeed it would - Farrow has eight adopted children.

Perhaps rather more than any potential spouse would bargain for.

Kim'll fix it

SATC sex kitten Kim Cattrall, currently playing a quadriplegic in Whose Life is it Anyway?, is a much kinder-hearted character than those she normally portrays on screen. Noticing that her co-star William Chubb was attempting to play the hospital consultant responsible for her care while wearing an M&S suit, she called in a few favours. 'Kim had a word with her friend Giorgio and, as a result, two Armani suits turned up at the theatre,' says William.

But since the suits crumple rather easily, he has been instructed only to wear them on stage. 'Most of the time I am walking around backstage in my underpants,' he laments. …

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