How TV Made Me a Whole New Woman; Britons Grab Chance of Nip and Tuck for US-Style Show

Article excerpt


IT IS like the television series Nip/Tuck, only without the glamorous patients, the Florida sunshine or Joely Richardson.

Instead there are flat-chested supermarket shelf stackers, butch-looking estate agents - and an awful lot of surgical closeups.

Here are the first subjects for the British version of the American reality TV cosmetic surgery show, Extreme Makeover.

They are among the men and women who won the chance to have their faces lifted, their breasts enlarged and all their other bits and bobs chopped, buffed, toned and polished until they were almost unrecognisable.

Viewers can judge for themselves whether the "after" version - all hair extensions and lip gloss - is an improvement on the flawed reality of "before". But the women themselves seemed pleased enough.

Estate agent Charmaine Rose, 51, who felt that before she was cursed with a lumpy nose and non-existent breasts, described her transformation as " a miracle". She said: "I've gone from being a skinny little boy figure to a real woman.

"I broke my nose when I was little, so I had this huge nose that never looked right. Growing up I was tall and skinny, I had no breasts and was boyish. …


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