The Top Ten. Turncoats; Teetotal Gwyneth Promotes Martini and Stella Wears Leather - What a Surprise! They Flaunt Their Principles, but These Celebrities Don't Always Practise What They Preach URBAN FOX

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Shortly after announcing her pregnancy, Julia Roberts said she would be taking a career break of at least five years. Her trainer announced: 'She's waited so long to be a mother, and fought so hard to be one, that she wants to devote all her time to her babies.' Two months after giving birth to the twins she's signed on for two films. It's hard being Julia.

For the past two summers JCB boss Sir Anthony Bamford has helped out the Blairs, cosily lending them his [pounds sterling]15 million house in Barbados to use as a beach hut when they stay at Sir Cliff Richard's nearby. But despite hanging out with Cherie 'n' Tone, Sir Anthony recently lined the Tories' coffers with [pounds sterling]1 million.

Dig yourself out of that one.

After a fracas in Manchester, MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk announced boldly that he doesn't 'walk away.

I've never walked away from a fight and I never will.' After failing to secure the UK Independence Party leadership, Kilroy-Silk slunk off, sulkily claiming the group is 'going nowhere' and that he was ashamed to have joined a party that was 'a joke'. Killjoy.

Replying to a comment that she looked 'suspiciously' good at 60, Princess Michael of Kent announced that she had 'the kind of skin that does not age'.

Pushy then went on to harangue the female population to 'moisturise, moisturise' adding 'that is all you need'. Since then, the Princess was caught scuttling off to a clinic for Botox injections. Inject, inject!

London's most famous vegetarian Stella McCartney has it written into her Gucci contract that she won't work with leather or fur and once announced that 'nothing dead ever walks through my door'. So it came as a surprise to hear that she turned up to an interview wearing leather cowboy boots. 'These are vintage,' she bluffed. So just an old cow, then. …


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