Oxford Students Could Pay [Pounds Sterling]20,000 Tuition Fees a Year

Article excerpt

Byline: SAM LYON

OXFORD University wants to change students up to [pounds sterling]20,000 a year in tuition fees in a move that has been slammed as elitist.

Chris Patten, the university's chancellor, demanded that the Government remove the [pounds sterling]3,000 cap and let Oxford charge almost seven times that amount.

In a speech marking the 25th anniversary of Green College, Oxford, Lord Patten said the charges should more accurately reflect the real cost of degree courses.

"We should press for removing the cap from fees, not least because the cap makes a nonsense of what all students know from the moment they complete their university application forms - namely, that universities and courses are different,"he said during yesterday's talk entitled Oxford 25 Years On.

Lord Patten called for immediate action, saying British universities were "still in the race" to be the best in the world, but warned: "There is not much petrol left in the tank.

"Well before the target date you set for my predictions - Oxford 25 years on - I hope the Government and Parliament will have uncapped tuition fees and that those fees will more closely relate to the costs of the courses taken by students both here and elsewhere. …


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