Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Conference Just Another Freebie

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Conference Just Another Freebie

Article excerpt

Tony Blair and his yes men are coming to the Sage Gateshead to give themselves more praise and back-slapping at a cost of more than pounds 2m to council tax payers.

MPs are well paid, get generous expenses and the Chancellor, who robbed workers' pension funds, making them lose out on what they were entitled to, has ensured MPs will have a healthy pension when they retire.

Gordon Brown has already set pensioner against pensioner with his pension credit, family against family, resentment in older children over his Child Trust Fund, and his own son will benefit from tax payers' money.

Stand up you North MPs who were going to vote against top-up fees, but went into reverse gear with Tony Blair.

Where were the voices of North MPs over the closure of post offices?

If Tony Blair tells you what to say and do, we don't need MPs.

MC, Felling.

Ignoring the real issues

IF the citizens of Tyneside feel a big hot wind blowing down the Tyne it will be emitting from the Labour Party Conference at The Sage, and if you hear about what a superb government we have, just remember what you won't hear about, ie the closure of Ellington Colliery, the forecasted demise of Tyneside shipbuilding, the soft treatment of terrorists and so on.

We have drug dealers of all nationalities corrupting children and adults, and are now going to work round the clock with all-day and night bars and clubs opening.

Murder and rape is an everyday occurrence, but really since 1997 AB (After Blair), things have only got better ( or so they tell me.

J GORDON, Garden Farm Estate, Chester-le-Street.

Blair seizing sick's rights

THE latest proposals by Tony Blair, to get people off sickness benefit and back into work, are wrong.

Mr Blair has said the best cure for people with a bad back or suffering from depression is to go out and get a job.

Surely a statement coming from the Prime Minister was totally naive, and could only be described as shameful.

The majority of the unemployed want to work, it is only a minority that abuse the system.

The way Tony Blair and his government are trying to force people back into work, and get them off benefit is an attack on their basic right.

These people have paid into the National Health Scheme, and are entitled to draw sickness benefit.

Sadly Tony Blair has shown himself to be a bully in the situation, something which is totally unacceptable.

NICHOL WILSON, College Road, Hebburn.

Carers' wage on a real low

IT is not that long ago I either read or was talking to someone about the low income that carers have to live on.

The article or conversation went that due to the commitments carers have, they don't have time to highlight the low income which they have to struggle on due to their caring role.

It would be like an angel answering my prayers should the media pick this up and it be recognised that support carers' income is of a poverty level. …

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