Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Bolles Students Work Artfully; They Create Their Special Super Bowl XXXIX Poster

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Bolles Students Work Artfully; They Create Their Special Super Bowl XXXIX Poster

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Byline: Dan Scanlan, Times-Union staff writer

It was an essentially simple art project for the fourth- and fifth-graders assembled Wednesday in the art class at The Bolles School.

First, cut out parts of a poster, then glue their neatly trimmed birds, clouds, footballs, buildings, boats, bridges and other elements atop the same images on another poster to make a special, three-dimensional version.

What made it interesting was the artwork they worked on was a limited-edition commemorative Super Bowl XXXIX poster showing Alltel Stadium, the St. Johns River and the Northbank and Southbank. And their art teacher of the hour was the man who made it: New Rochelle, N.Y., artist Charles Fazzino.

First they cut, then they glued as Fazzino guided them.

"Grab it so it is easy to squeeze," Fazzino told a student as she squeezed a gooey quarter-inch-high swirl of glue atop the poster from a tube.

"Do a twirl so it looks like an ice cream cone. We can't let it blob," he said. "Then put your piece on. Perfect!"

The end result was the same kind of three-dimensional art Fazzino has created for the past four Super Bowls, with each element hovering over the warm orange, blue, green and multicolored poster. But this one would have a difference -- students' signatures decorating the wide white border of the print, which will probably be auctioned off for charity.

That's pretty cool, said fourth-grader Dylan Schreiner.

"I feel very excited. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to do something with a person who gets lots of money for his artwork," said the 10-year-old. "I did three cars, one boat and an Eagles vs. Patriots sign."

Ten-year-old classmate Naiha Falkner liked the idea that her contributions would be part of a very limited-edition poster about her hometown's biggest football game.

"I feel great because it is history, and I have never done history before," she said.

Fazzino is an artist whose works have commemorated many high-profile sporting and musical events, from the Grammy Awards and Indianapolis 500 to every Super Bowl since 1999. His Jacksonville poster showcases the city, with a vibrant Alltel Stadium framed by bridges and cruise ships as two skydivers float overhead, one with a New England Patriots emblem, the other a Philadelphia Eagles emblem. …

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