Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Confessions of Lisa Marshall

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Confessions of Lisa Marshall

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A few days back my agency rang asking me to do another shoot for 55 Degrees North. They gave me the details: wear a dress; I'm going to a works' night out. There are no changing facilities so I must turn up with the dress on at 8.45am at Scotswood Road. Without thinking it through, (it takes a while for information to reach my brain sometimes), I agreed. Minutes later I thought: Hauld yer horses! What on earth am I doing? It's frostbite weather, forecast snow and more to the point, what am I going to wear? I only own one dress and the sandals I have are barely designed to stand in, let alone walk down Scotswood Road.

I tried to call her back to change my mind but just got a constant engaged tone. For two hours. She's not daft.

My friend Wendy got the same call and we decided to travel together so at 8am, here I am, looking completely ridiculous for this time of the morning. Dolled up to the nines, I'm peeking out of the door, waiting for Wendy. She arrives and I make a run for it in the hope no-one will spot me. Wendy comments that I'm lucky. Her neighbours were gawping at her hanging out the washing in her full sequined attire. They really must think she's lost the plot this time.

We find a parking space and my sandals are such steady things that I practically fall out of the car. Wendy has the same problem and we do something that loosely resembles walking to meet the crew. But not without the embarrassment of hordes of workmen driving past leering at us. They obviously think it's the morning after the night before.

We collapse on to the crew bus and I ditch the sandals for a while in favour of my fluffy totes socks. I haven't done four of these shoots without learning a few tips along the way. At 10am we're taken to the Old Assembly Rooms. It's there that we've to wait a bit more but at least it's in a warm room with comfy seats. …

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