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Byline: Compiled by Travis Hill, The Times-Union


So, who's gonna win?

It's been two weeks since we found out the Eagles and the Patriots were coming to Jacksonville. During that time, every fathomable angle of this game has been covered better than a tarp blanketing a peanut.

We know everything. We know Patriots coach Bill Belichick would rather set himself on fire than wear anything but a hooded sweatshirt. We know Eagles receiver Freddie Mitchell can talk enough hot air to fill all the blimps circling Alltel Stadium. And we know Patriots safety Rodney Harrison will try to shut him up by cramming his helmet down Mitchell's throat.

Finally, we know Eagles receiver Terrell Owens does not fancy himself a decoy.

But come on. All of the trillions of column inches, video reels and radio babble just boil down to that one question: Who's it gonna be?

Are the Eagles going to end the City of Brotherly Love's suffering and get their first championship since 1960?

Or will the Patriots solidify their place among the great teams of all-time by getting their third ring in four years?

Las Vegas says the Patriots will win by seven points. But Las Vegas also said the Patriots were going to lose to the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 by 14. The Pats won 20-17.

Regardless, a prediction must be made. Desperately searching for the most scientific way possible, I saw a penny on the ground as I walked into the office.

I flipped the coin. Heads the Eagles win, tails it's the Patriots.

It came up heads.


Eagles fans look for any edge

Long-suffering Philadelphia fans know their Eagles are the underdogs going into today's Super Bowl against the New England Patriots at Alltel Stadium.

Eagles fans are renowned for their surly, cup-half-empty attitudes, but several Philadelphia fans around Jacksonville this week have reported strange karmic signs that give them reason to believe that this is finally their year.

They preferred to remain nameless (don't want to jinx anything), but agreed to leak some of their theories:

-- Patriots coach Bill Belichick is 9-1 in the playoffs, tied with Vince Lombardi for the best postseason record. …

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