Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Willy Poole Column

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Willy Poole Column

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Byline: By Willy Poole

History is a wheel and wheels go round.

At the moment we country people are on the downside of the wheel and about to be crushed into the mud of history.

However, history dictates that, as the wheel turns, what goes down one side must come up again on the other.

We shall rise again ( a bit muddied and battered perhaps, but rise we shall and this is what frightens NuLab ( this is why it is frightened of history and tradition. The prodnose puritan tendency is on the crest of the circuit at the moment, but the movement of the wheel means that from now on its only movement can be downwards back into the muck.

Mind you, it can and will do as much damage as possible during its downwards descent.

It should consider the fact that we are talking revolution and it was NuLab that has tried to speed up this revolution ( a revolution that will only speed its own decline into the mess that it has churned up.

So put your shoulders to the wheel, lads, and get the prodnoses back into the mire.

THE wheel of my life is turning too.

Breamish Parks is going on the market this spring (George White ( Alnwick) and we shall be on the move.

The Dragon Lady and I are both very sorry. We have both come to love Northumberland, where we have now spent nearly a quarter of a century.

We shall miss the wonder of the Cheviot Hills and the great kindness and friendship we have received from the people who live there ( thank you all.

We shall miss Northumberland. I thought that we would live out our lives here and never move again.

Life is ruled by events. Events change one's life and you have little choice but to let them unfold and follow where they take you. I do not know where this will be, but I suspect that it will be outwith this country.

The Dragon Lady and I married in I972. We seriously discussed the possibilities of emigration at the time. The only thing that has kept us in this overcrowded little island has been our combined love of hunting and the English countryside. I am sure that hunting will survive the present malicious nastiness, but it will reappear in a different form. …

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