Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Base Lines

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Base Lines

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First published in The Journal, March 1936. Lillian Gish came to tea/Miss Vanbrugh also at Women's Club/ Endearing modesty of two stars

When Miss Irene Vanbrugh and Miss Lillian Gish went to tea at the Northern Counties' Women's club in Newcastle yesterday, they were greeted, first, by a mass of beautiful purple and yellow flowers that lit the whole club with welcome, and, second, by one of the biggest gatherings of members the club has had for a long time.

They all wanted to know if Miss Gish is going to make any more films.

"No-o-o-o," she told them, in a bewitching, lilting voice that would surely make her the world's darling if she went in for talkies. But the long, sung word seemed to say: "I'm terribly sorry if it disappoints you, but the idea is simply too horrid."

"You like the stage best?"

"Oh, the stage! ... I started at the theatre when I was a child of five, and during all the long years I was in films I felt I belonged to the theatres and must get back some time."

"But we'd love to see you in a talking film. Don't you think you will?"

A long shake of the head.

"You cannot do the two things well, and I should like to do this, some day, well..."

She was so modest and sweet, not at all like the popular idea of a film star. Fragile and pale as her name-flower, too, even if she did look healthy and happy and not at all a "broken blossom." And on top of all that, she had such pretty things to say, in an idiom not quite English, and quite charming.

She was dressed in black ( an enveloping great-coat with an embroidered cream silk muffler filling in the neck ( and a quaint, high-peaked felt hat that made her face look all the more slender and pale.

"Do you like English audiences?" they asked her.

"Oh, I like them so much," she answered, her voice low and gentle, like a caress. …

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