Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Kathy's Ideas on Drugs Aren't New

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Kathy's Ideas on Drugs Aren't New

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I have read Kathy Secker's comments on drug addiction. I would say it is nothing new that the Government should pay for drugs to be given to the addicts.

It was that way about 30 years ago until, I believe, a Tory Government decided to stop it and let people go on the open market, which is the reason so many addicts are recruiting other people so they can fund their own habit. The problem today with drug addiction is purely down to that Tory Government and as such they should now be brought to account for their actions because it is ordinary people who are suffering for the unrelenting powers that Government has and they don't consider their own citizens before they take such stupid action.

GRACE WITHERBURN, Dudley, Cramlington.

EU has tied our hands

I AGREE with much that Michael Blench said in his letter, headed No Longer the Workers' Party (Your Shout, February 19). However, there is much more to the situation than he gives. Because of our membership of the European Union our country is tied hand and foot by hundreds of laws, rules and regulations, and it is because of those rules that our shipyards are in such a terrible state. As an EU member we are expected to share all work of a defence nature. That is why a great deal of work involved in building the two aircraft carriers has been given to the French firm, Thales. Does anyone think for a moment that the French government would give Britain a large share of work in building aircraft carriers for France?

Our Prime Minister and his Government should refuse point-blank to allow our defence work to be shared with any foreign state. There is work to be had which would keep our shipyards busy for years. I refer to the 600,000 tonnes of shipping for the Royal Navy which is planned.

All ( and I do mean all ( of that work should be done by British workers. The trouble is, our pathetic weak-kneed Government will most probably hand over half the work to the French. That is almost a certainty. When Tony Blair talks about work having to go through various processes, what he means is, he will have to consult our so-called partners in the EU to see how much of the work they want.

That is how it is today, that is the real, down to earth way of things and anyone who doubts what I say, should read the papers of the national press, they would be shocked to learn how much our country is dictated to, and practically governed by foreign states. Our shipyard workers should contact all North East MPs and tell them, point blank: Earn your salaries, by standing up in Parliament and demanding that Britain and British interests must take priority over all else and they should, if they are fit to be members of Parliament, demand an end to Brussels' interference in Britain's rights and interests.

ERNEST WATSON, Bradwell Road, Park View Court, North Kenton, Newcastle.

Fur is badge of cruelty

LIKE me, Chronicle readers have probably noticed that real fur has been shown during London Fashion Week. It is not the first time and, unfortunately, I doubt it will be the last, that animal fur has been on display in this way.

The fur industry has put a great deal of effort and money into a publicity and marketing effort to persuade people involved in fashion ( including designers ( that fur is acceptable and encouraged its use in collections. …

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