Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Kylie's a Lot of Fun in Her Undies

Newspaper article The Evening Standard (London, England)

Kylie's a Lot of Fun in Her Undies

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X-Rated: The Ads They Couldn't Show

10pm, Channel 4

FROM the title, you might think this is just another of those ubiquitous clip shows, using footage we have seen a hundred times before. But it is much better than that - because it uses a collection of wonderful excerpts that have never before been seen on British TV. And most of which you will never have seen anywhere - except perhaps on dodgy emails from mates.

The result is gloriously entertaining and could even be described - if you are in a generous frame of mind - as educational (it will, no doubt, be required viewing for advertising-industry students).

The basic premise is that there are now so many regulations controlling what can be shown in television commercials that sometimes even the advertising agencies don't know what is permissible until it's too late and the advert has been completed.

(Or the agencies know all too well what is allowed but try anyway.) The results include the inmates of an old people's home rapping a filthy Eminem song. How the makers thought they would get it past the censors is anybody's guess, but it didn't get far. The project fell apart because they forgot to get Eminem's permission to use the song.

Then there's the Kylie-on-abucking-bronco advert, shown in only a handful of cinemas, but a worldwide hit on email. Even a Mr Kipling advert ran foul of the authorities by taking a graphic approach to the Nativity.

There's no denying that this is cheap, bolt-together TV, complete with talking heads (are there any of these programmes that Tony Livesey doesn't appear on?). But it is also great fun.

The City Gardener 8.30pm, Channel 4

Matt James (right) returns with more ideas for turning small city gardens into something special. As we are a nation of barbecue lovers, what better way to deal with a drab Stoke Newington plot than to turn it into an outdoor dining area? He puts down decking, paints the wall lilac and throws in low-maintenance plants to create an open-air extension.

Blame The Parents

9pm, BBC2

The most relentless, soul-sapping, depressing 50 minutes of TV you are likely to see all week. …

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