Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

So Disappointed at Missing Ticket

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

So Disappointed at Missing Ticket

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On February 27 my church bulletin informed me that the Songs of Praise programme was being broadcast from The Sage, in Gateshead, on April 11-12, and 1,700 tickets were available.

I applied to the BBC, Manchester on February 28, for one ticket, (deadline March 18) but today, by post, I was refused.

I would be very interested to know how many Newcastle churchgoers will get tickets, with it being held at The Sage and not a church!

M McKELVIE, St Ann's Close, Newcastle.

If you don't like us, leave

MY, WHAT a total rotter the letter writer is. I refer, of course, to BR Henderson's tirade in the Evening Chronicle, of Saturday March 12, about we, spiteful, arrogant Geordies.

He or she has really got the hump about us Tynesiders haven't they? Is there any chance this person could enlighten us, which immaculate part of this country they really originate from?

That's if they have the guts to do this? On another point, why do you live in this region if you hate us so much.

The subject of your letter, ie; unruly and uncontrollable children is not just a problem in the North East it's a nationwide problem and the letter writer would realise this if he or she didn't have their head in the sand.

As for no one bringing their businesses to our region? Where does BR Henderson get this information from? The Beano perhaps?

MR GEORDIE WILLIAMS, Wallsend, Tyne Wear by email.

Smokers are not litter louts

AN, of Newcastle (Chronicle Texts, Thursday March 3) castigates a lot of people as brain-dead ignoramuses, for dropping litter in this city. But smokers? There's something wrong here.

What I really see in the street is broken bottles, half-eaten take-aways with their trays, pizza that has been eaten but then brought back up, drink cans and bottles, and rejected free newspapers.

And yes, I still see dog muck.

In an earlier generation many university dons were heavy smokers, and the medical profession at that time had not seen anything wrong.

There are very strong arguments, in the light of what we now know, to phase smoking out of our culture, but vilification of smokers is not the right way to do it.

IRENE DIXON, Westbourne Avenue, Walkergate, Newcastle.

Jealous of our attitude

I COULD not believe what I was reading in your letters page. BR Henderson said Geordies are arrogant, spiteful, petty and insulting. This is the opposite to how I find Geordies. I don't know where he comes from but he says he been here for 17 years. If we are that bad how come he is still here. I guess he is just jealous of our feel good factor.


Paying price for saving

YOUR Shout, of March 11, shows that ER, Denton Burn, obviously lives in their own benefits cared for world and has no idea of the disservice they do to thousands of people like me. …

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