Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Digester's Green Light

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Digester's Green Light

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After an intensive three-year development and testing programme, North-East-based company Premier Waste Management has demonstrated an environmentally-friendly solution to the UK's growing waste disposal problem.

The In-Vessel Aerobic Digester, situated at Thornley in County Durham, turns biodegradable waste into a soil conditioner which can be used to landscape building projects and even as compost on gardens and pasture land.

The process uses industry-leading technology to simulate and accelerate the natural composting process converting bio-waste, such as paper, cardboard, food remains and garden waste, into soil conditioner in six days.

The aerobic digester treats the waste in giant composting chambers and separates off recyclable materials including plastics, glass and metals for further processing.

Typical recovery rates are in excess of 65pc of `municipal solid waste' leaving a much reduced figure of inert material for disposal at landfill.

Dr Les Grant, chief executive of Premier Waste Management, said: "The process has been rigorously tested and developed to produce a commercially viable, highly efficient, low-cost method of treating mixed waste.

"Local authorities around the country are considering the use of this type of aerobic digestion plant to assist in their efforts to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill."

The UK faces a major challenge in reducing the amount of waste, especially bio-waste, that it currently buries at landfill sites. The Government has set tough targets for local authorities who have responded with a range of schemes ( such as kerbside recycling collection ( in a bid to divert as much waste as possible from disposal at landfill sites.

Dr Grant added: "Aerobic digestion technology is a safe, efficient and reliable answer to the challenges faced by local authorities under the Government's target and penalty-driven waste disposal regime. …

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