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PSYCHOMETRIC tests are dreaded by many, but nowadays there is little escape. According to the British Market Research Bureau, nearly three-quarters of companies now rely on psychometric profiling when recruiting. We have spoken to two specialists who say applicants should view them as an opportunity to get the most from the recruitment process.

Martin Gibbons, chief executive of, a website that offers psychometric tests online, says the tests provide "a snapshot of the preferred behaviour that comes almost subconsciously to people". Most measure an individual's psychological type and help organisations understand more about the personality of an applicant but they can also be used to help you match yourself to a career.

Can you cheat in the tests? No you can't, and there would be little point trying to affect the outcome.

According to Gibbons: "Benefit is gained from being spontaneous when answering so that a true profile emerges ... if someone gets a job on a false personality they would probably be miserable in it."

How much importance is placed on the tests? The importance placed on psychometric tests varies depending on the employer but it is worth remembering it only ever forms one part of the recruitment process.

Emma May, commercial director of PSL, an assessment specialist that provides tests for employers, recommends their clients should not rely on any single measure in a recruitment decision, be it a CV, interview or psychometric test. …


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