Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Denigrate Schools' Efforts

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Denigrate Schools' Efforts

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I would like to reply to LG of Monkseaton who is fed-up of hearing about Jamie Oliver and school dinners.

Hopefully this person has no children of their own because what they fail to realise is, while they say they should have a decent meal in the evening, a lot of parents are single parents and a lot of parents are on low incomes and so the children are not fed on good, nutritious meals that in an ideal world they would have.

When you work in schools and see children from low-income families, they don't even have the clothes they need, never mind a square meal and for a lot of children the school meal is their only good meal of the day.

I wholeheartedly agree with Jamie Oliver. I think he's done a marvellous job. There are far too many children in this country being given the wrong food and if they get one good meal a day, it's a way to help them keep healthy. I think LG is absolutely stupid.

PB, Shotley Bridge.

Child nutrition benefits us all

The whole point behind Oliver's school dinners campaign is quite logical and it has an effect upon all children in school.

Nutrition directly affects the behaviour and learning abilities of children. In almost every study undertaken, a daily supplement of Omega 7 oils, multi-vitamins and a glass of orange juice has enabled children with little or no attention span to suddenly have an attention span of up to an hour. This has enabled children with poor to non-existent literacy levels to start reading. It also has a direct effect upon health.

Add this together: all children will start being able to sit in class, not fidget/mess about etc. They will be able to read and absorb more and they will be more healthy.

The children who stop YOUR child from learning because of their behaviour will suddenly start improving. These children will learn more, which may have an impact upon the chances of them getting a job later, which will save you tax money. …

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