Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Church Matters

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Church Matters

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Byline: By Francis Wood

60 years old

It used to be said that Christian Aid looked forward to the day when it wouldn't be required any longer. But after 60 years that day seems further away than ever! The work must still go on yet there is much to celebrate. The number of children in developing countries who died before they were five years old fell by half between 1960 and 2000. Also, the number of adults who could read rose from a half to three quarters of the world's population. Working through partners at home and overseas, Christian Aid has played an important part in this improvement.

As Churchill said when announcing VE Day in May 1945, "The War is not yet over but we may enjoy a brief moment of celebration." So there will be Christian Aid festivities in Durham City tomorrow. These begin with a picnic on the racecourse at 3pm and, later, a procession to the cathedral for a Christian Aid service at 6pm led by the Bishop of Jarrow. Then supporters will take their part among 300,000 collectors in Christian Aid Week, the biggest fundraising week of any charity in Britain.


Will the name of the next Archbishop of York be announced this week? It's taking a long time. What sort of man are they looking for as the next general in the Church Militant? Those responsible may like to consult a German handbook on army leadership. This identifies four basic types who may apply for the post.

First, the lazy and unintelligent. Such men accomplish little but they do little damage and are happy to obey orders. Second, there are the hardworking and unintelligent candidates. These need careful supervision and should be kept busy at all times.

Candidates in the third group are keen to work and are intelligent. They make ideal seconds in command but should not be put in charge of the whole regiment (Church). They tend to run themselves and everyone else ragged. …

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