Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Tell Me How Long I Can Work!

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Tell Me How Long I Can Work!

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Could you or any of your readers tell me what right has anyone, anywhere, got to tell me what hours I can work?

Reference the Working Time Directive: if I were self-employed or had a corner shop or some other business, I could work until I dropped.

But because I am employed by a company I will be restricted to 48 hours per week. What will happen to our hospitals?

The biggest disaster will be care homes, as many staff work much more than 48 hours, as the very nature of the work involved in a care environment demands instant cover when someone rings in sick. Or we may be going through a shortage-of-staff phase. I say we, because that's what I do. I care for people.

If I was forced to a reduction in hours, which in turn would reduce my income, at the age of 66 years I might be tempted to go self-employed. It's a gamble, but so is living with a Labour time-bomb Government.

J S NOTT, Rowanberry Road, Longbenton.

Just follow the French on this

IN view of the recent dictat coming out of the European Union concerning working hours, why don't we do as the French do and pay lip service to everything that comes out of Brussels and promptly ignore that which does not benefit France?

At present we have a Government in power that continues to fall over backwards in its efforts to satisfy the demands of the unelected commissioners in Brussels, much against the wishes of a significant majority in the UK.


Inaction over loss of jobs

COULD someone explain how these banks and business firms get away with transferring all these call centre jobs out of the country without a murmur from the Government and MPs?

Also, there are shipbuilding jobs being shipped abroad. Would any other country stand idly by and let this continue?

These banks, in particular, it seems are among the forerunners and are making record profits. Surely there must be some way of taxing them for this? Whether it be white collar or overalls, these are people's lives being destroyed. And where are these regular critics of Thatcher now when the same greed they were opposed to is taking place? …

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