Glimpses into Modern Terror; THEATRE

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A Single Act THEATRE


AFTER last week's premiere of Osama the Hero, Hampstead presents the second, stronger play in its repertory season examining the current "climate of terror". But while Jane Bodie uses this theme as a starting point, her writing is at its best when it dwells on the minutiae of the lives of two couples.

These relationships, between Michelle and Scott, and Clea and Neil, are cleverly played out around the dramatic core of a terrorist attack in an unnamed big city. In alternating scenes, we watch the latter pairing unravel over the months that follow the incident, whereas Michelle and Scott go backwards in time, Betrayal-style.

The intricate structure proves highly rewarding to watch, especially on Patrick Connellan's neat set of a functional, neutral-tone living space, which each couple inhabits during its stage time. The only drawback to the way Bodie organises her material is that it takes far too long to ascertain Michelle and Scott's connection to events on that fateful day. …


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