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This week: Gemini Take it all with a grain of salt Cancer Haste gets you nowhere Leo Pretend it's all OK Virgo Putting things off is best Libra One thing leads to another Scorpio Timing is everything Sagittarius You might call it curtains Capricorn Be disarmingly open Aquarius Enjoy what you can Pisces It's not as bad as it seems AriesWords achieve more than action Taurus The devil's in the details

Gemini 20 May - 20 Jun

A combination of disillusioning exchanges with those you thought you could trust and clashes over what should be straightforward arrangements has you wondering if it's you or the world that's gone mad. While Monday's Full Moon is to blame for some of this emotional extravagance, disagreements actually serve to explore issues you'd have had to face eventually. However, you'd be better off tackling these later, when everybody's mood is more rational.

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Cancer 21 Jun - 21 Jul In some situations you've been sidestepping unreasonable obligations, while in others dilemmas arise suddenly, giving you little chance to consider your options.

You'd like these dealt with swiftly, but the Full Moon on Monday undermines your judgement and heightens your emotions - and just when you need to make rational assessments. Others want decisions now.

But actually things aren't as urgent as they seem. Besides, taking it slowly prevents you making commitments you'd later regret.

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Leo 22 Jul - 22 Aug While there's no swift solution for disagreements involving those closest - friends, colleagues or loved ones - or situations about which you care passionately, things aren't as bad as they seem. It's just that they've veered so far from plans that you're anxious. Don't be. But also, don't struggle to keep things as they are. Once you know more about the people involved, and about changing circumstances, you'll realise why an easygoing attitude is best.

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Virgo 23 Aug - 21 Sep A reorganisation of your domestic or working life is vital. Concerns are the timing, whose plan will be adopted and whether you're willing to compromise.

Once you were flexible about certain matters, but by Monday's Full Moon you'll be as determined as everyone else to have your way. Instead of arguing about issues of little significance, simply put off decisions until things are calmer.

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Libra 22 Sep - 22 Oct Wisdom would dictate that you avoid arguing with those who are unshakeably convinced that they're right. However, as a Libra you're skilled at winning over even the most impossible of individuals.

What's more, discussions could lead to worthwhile exchanges about other matters or to insights regarding persistent issues. Better yet, when talking things through you come up with plans of your own that, you modestly admit to yourself, are sheer genius.

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Scorpio 23 Oct - 21 Nov Once you accept the fact that you may have to give ground in those plans or passions in which you'd made considerable effort, life is easier. Still, letting go seems a compromise, if not a defeat.

Ironically, only after the fact do you fully realise what you've escaped.

That being the case, the less you do, say or commit to, the better. Force issues and by May's close you'll still be arguing.

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Sagittarius 22 Nov - 20 Dec If it seems that your usually buoyant nature has been replaced by feelings of vulnerability, alternating with irritation with the world in general, blame Monday's Sagittarius Full Moon. …


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