Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Spend Our Taxes on What Matters

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Spend Our Taxes on What Matters

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The proposed scheme to grant elderly people free travel will not go down well.

Already I see the Vent your Spleen column inundated with cries of disapproval from those who, for some reason, have a real down on the older generation. This new idea will give them more bullets to fire.

The whole issue is harebrained to say the least. This country's working taxpayers (and I refer to ordinary people doing ordinary jobs, not the high flyers) have every reason to feel angry at this extra burden which could be placed upon them. This is my personal view and, no, I am not a taxpayer, I am a 72-year-old pensioner. I have neither asked for nor expect free travel. I am perfectly content with my concessionary half-fare and appreciate this concession.

However, I am very surprised that nothing is being said about the many millions the country's taxpayers are going to have to pay out to cover the proposal to pay a pounds 250 bond to every baby born, this being backdated two/three years. Now that is something taxpayers should be worried about. With the bad old days of large families returning, five and six children to a family is no longer a rare occurrence. It would seem having babies is becoming the be all and end all of life to many. OK if women want to tie themselves down until they reach middle age, but I say good luck to those parents who have one or two and then look forward to enjoying their lives. Life is too good to waste. This scheme is also one that will not go down well.

The most important issue on which this Government should be spending money on is the clearing out and into prison of the thugs who roam and rule the streets of this country. Never mind wasting it on free travel for elderly people or on baby bonds. Taxpayers have enough on their plate already.

J WATT, Heddon on the Wall.

Pride in Britain is shattered

Pin your lugs back and listen to my vent.

I have travelled the globe merging with all creeds. Always carrying with pride in my mind the baton of pleasure being part of a great British nation. That pride has been shattered. I no longer belong. I live in constant dread. The honest British citizen is being subjected to stupid laws. You defend yourself against violence, you are jailed. You eat an apple while driving, you are fined. You don't put your wheely bin out, you can he fined up to a pounds 1,000.

Yob slices a man's face with a craft knife and is given a few hours community service. Yob is caught redhanded burgling a house, taken to the station and given a warning by the desk sergeant and let off.

A woman paralysed for life by a driver with no tax or insurance ( he's given 18 months custodial, out in 12. The list is endless. The Judicial system in this country is a joke. We are the laughing stock of the world. …

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