Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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St Boswells

May 23

John Swan Ltd sold 312 cattle, including 34 bulls, and sheep including 742 spring lambs and 743 hoggs.

Some 931 ewes and rams and 151 bullocks averaged 116.8 p/pkg (+0.4).

Top 148p Mosstower 127. Heifers av 114.8 p/pkg (+0.2). Top 144p. Bee Edge 34. Young Bulls av 112.4 p/pkg (-3.2). Top 123p Girrick.

Principal prices Mosstower 148p J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Corsbie 1.46p Woodhead Bros Meat Co; Bee Edge 1.44p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd; Corsbie 1.40p Woodhead Bros Meat Co; Wester Ulston 138p Woodhead Bros Meat Co; Butchercote 1.375p Messrs Cropper; Corsbie 1.36p J.Saunderson Ltd; Kirkton 1.36p J.Gilmour & Co Ltd; Wester Ulston 1.35p J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Wester Ulston 1.34p WTS Forsyth & Sons; Tandlaw 1.34p (twice), 1.33p (twice) J Gilmour & Co Ltd; Caverton Mill 1.32p W.D Liddle, Bee Edge 1.32p Ramsay Family Butchers.

John Swan Ltd sold 2,146 sheep comprising 742 spring lambs, 473 hoggs, 931 cast ewes and rams. Lambs were an eXcellent show and sold at increased levels to pounds 74.50 for 3 Texel crosses weighing 48 kilos from Lochside and 165.4p/p kilo for 18 Texel crosses weighing 41 kilos also from Lochside to average 151.8p/p kilo (pounds 65.14). Hoggs sold to pounds 65 for seven Suffolk cross scaling 55 kilos from Falahill and 124.9p/p kilo for 8 Texel crosses weighing 45 kilos from Westeronhill.

Spring lambs (per head) SuffX pounds 72.50 Marvingston, pounds 72.00 Smailholm Mains, pounds 69.50, Greenhead, pounds 69.00 Fleurs, pounds 68.80 Grizelrig, Dunslaw; TexX pounds 74.50 Lochside; pounds 70.50 Barelees; pounds 69.50 Hallrule Mill; pounds 69.00 Redheugh; pounds 67.50 Lee, Innerleithen; DorsetX pounds 60.20 Greenlaw Mill; pounds 59.00 Hundalee spring lambs (per kilo) SuffX 162.9p Leetside, 160p Dunslaw, 157.7p Hermiston, L, 155.3p Broomhill, G, 155p Lee, Innerleithen; TexX 165.4p Lochside, 161.6p Hallrule Mill, 160.2p Barelees, 159.5p Rowanlea, 156.1p Thornington; DorsetX 152.6p Greenlaw Mill, 143.9p Hundalee Hoggs (per head). SuffX pounds 65 Falahill, pounds 62.50 Mid Edrom, pounds 60 Yarlside, Saughland; TexX pounds 62.50 Mid Edrom, pounds 59.00 Castlehill, pounds 57.50 Cockburn; Chev pounds 52.00 Gilston; B/face pounds 50.50 Blakehope Hoggs (per kilo) 124.9p Westeronhill, 121.5p Blakehope, 120.4p Castlehill, 120.2p Mid Edrom, 118.2p Falahill.

Cast ewes/rams SuffX pounds 47.50 Broomhill, G, pounds 45.00 Torwoodlee Mains ,pounds 42.00 Threeburnford; TexX pounds 41.50 Castlehill; pounds 37.00 Lee, Innerleithen, Bettyfield, pounds 36.00 Saughland, Preston, Threeburnford; G/face/mule pounds 34.00 Cockburn, Maxton House, pounds 32.50 Fauldshope, pounds 32.00 Castlehill, Bettyfield; B/face pounds 28.50 Maxton House, pounds 25.80 Westertonhill, pounds 25.50 Blakehope; Lleyn pounds 35. …

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