Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Love 'Shack?' Test Your Knowledge

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Love 'Shack?' Test Your Knowledge

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Have you watched the movie Caddyshack a few dozen times? Quote lines from the movie on the golf course? Can you "be the ball?"

Then test your knowledge with our Caddyshack trivia quiz. You can also take the test on

1. Lacy Underall is the niece of:

A. Judge Smails

B. Al Czervik

C. The Bishop

D. Dr. Beeper

2. In one scene, Ty Webb tells Danny he owns two of a certain type of business, to which Danny replies: "I notice how much time you spend there." What was the business?

A. Lumber yards

B. Waste disposal plants

C. Hardware stores

D. Travel agencies

3. What was the name of Judge Smails' boat?

A. Capital Punishment

B. The Flying Wasp

C. Mandatory Minimum

D. Sea Snob

4. What line did Carl Spackler NOT say in the movie?

A. "Friends for life."

B. "Mrs. Crane . . . you're a little monkey woman, you know that?"

C. "Don't sell yourself short Judge . . . you're a tremendous slouch."

D. "So I got that going for me . . . which is nice."

5. Which two Caddyshack characters actually had a relationship after the movie?

A. Lacy and Danny Noonan.

B. Lacy and D'Annunzio.

C. Lacy and Carl Spackler

D. Lacy and Ty Webb (above).

6. What professional sports franchise owner purchased Rolling Hills Golf and Tennis Club near Fort Lauderdale, the public course used in the filming of the movie, then turned it into a private club?

A. George Steinbrenner

B. Ted Turner

C. Wayne Huizenga

D. Hugh Culverhouse

7. What business was Al Czervik in?

A. Loan sharking

B. Real estate development

C. Owner of a chain of liquor stores

D. Banking

8. One of the five brothers of Caddyshack star Bill Murray was a co-star on the recent hit ABC sitcom, Dharma and Greg. Which brother was it?

A. Brian

B. Joel

C. Andy

D. John

9. According to Al Czervik, what, along with golf courses, are the two biggest wastes of real estate?

A. National parks

B. Playgrounds

C. Nature trails

D. Cemeteries

10. When Al Czervik turned on the stereo built into his golf bag, what 1980s hit was playing?

A. Jive Talkin

B. Disco Inferno

C. Boogie Wonderland

D. Any Way You Want It

11. What PGA Tour player was given the nickname "Spaulding," after Judge Smails' nephew, by high school friends?

A. Tim Herron

B. Frank Lickliter

C. Jonathan Kaye

D. Spike McRoy

12. Douglas Kenney, the co-writer of Caddyshack with Brian-Doyle Murray and Harold Ramis, was the co-writer and appeared in another 1980s movie comedy. …

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