Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

School Bullies Must Be Arrested

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

School Bullies Must Be Arrested

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Again bullying in schools rears its very ugly head (Chronicle June 24), but when will our communities and decision makers realise there is no such thing as bullying?

All acts of physical and

verbal abuse are criminal offences. Northumbria Police's Chief Constable Mike Craik has made an excellent start in restoring public confidence by tackling low level nuisance with total policing., Now the time is right to get rid of the scourge of school delinquency with equal tenacity. Parents are fed-up of wishy-washy, wooly-minded school policies that appear to do more to protect the offender than the victim. Let's be done with this once and for all. Bring the police in, arrest offenders who assault fellow pupils and then ensure all parties concerned get the appropriate support.


Council adds to traffic jams

I NOTE with interest and alarm that Newcastle Council is moving towards congestion charging with indecent haste.

I question some of the recent decisions taken with respect to this problem ( and problems there are.

We have seen the removal of Dean Street from the usable roads and the closure, albeit temporarily, of the High Level Bridge. The closure of Orchard Street for resurfacing and narrowing to single lane which, so far, has taken 15 weeks and there is no sign of the tunnel being re-opened. The incredible amount of roadworks being carried out on the Quayside, which together with the building work, make easy progress a very unlikely event.

In addition we have the stoppage of traffic caused by delivery lorries during the rush hour, surely with a bit of intelligence it would be possible to ensure that brewery wagons do not make deliveries during the busiest time of day. A possibility is to enforce a delivery programme in the hours between 8pm and 6am. I am aware that this would make for more expense for the breweries, but when you see three drays stopping one after the other at the same licensed establishment you wonder about the mentality of those who permit this stupidity. Emergency deliveries could be made by smaller vehicles, eg transit type vans, during the day. I am aware of the increased cost of this operation but the breweries could always put prices up. …

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