Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Teenage Pupil Almost Killed by Deadly Solvent Craze

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Teenage Pupil Almost Killed by Deadly Solvent Craze

Article excerpt

Byline: By Amanda Crook

A schoolboy solvent abuser today told how getting hooked on the deadly craze almost cost him his life.

Jordan Edwards, 12, sniffed deodorants regularly for six months before he collapsed at home and was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack.

Solvent abuse claims more children's lives than drugs and Jordan said he regularly sniffed with children as young as eleven.

His horrified mother found him collapsed on the living room floor of his home in Kenton, gasping for breath and barely able to speak. She called an ambulance and he was taken to accident and emergency.

The youngster was tested for heart and lung problems and eventually confessed he had sprayed three cans of deodorants into the back of his throat after pals got him hooked.

He claims children smuggle cans of solvents into school in the sleeves of fleeces and jumpers before sniffing them between lessons.

The Kenton School pupil said: "My mates were doing it so I joined in but I got scared after I collapsed and the doctor says it can kill you.

"I'd tell other kids not to do it but I know I wouldn't have listened to them. It's really hard not to get involved if all your mates are at it."

He says he sniffed deodorants most days after starting at Kenton. Jordan suffered from shakes, headaches and mood swings for three weeks after he stopped abusing solvents.

After his collapse his horrified mother Joanne, 28, confronted the parents of other children he sniffed aerosols with.

The family claim Jordan has been assaulted after blowing the whistle on solvent abuse leaving him too scared to leave his house in Colgrove Place, North Kenton.

She said: "I've been out of my mind with worry with the glue sniffing and then the bullying. I've had to go on anti-depressants. …

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