Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Go Down to Terrorists' Level

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Don't Go Down to Terrorists' Level

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Let us hope the recent bombings in London do not push the Government into introducing extreme policies to eliminate the threat of terrorism.

Any watering down of our highly held democratic beliefs would be seen as a victory by those who strive to destroy our way of life.

Unfortunately, the fear of the terrorist has already pushed the Government into the almost certain introduction of identity cards ( a move that in popular opinion seriously impinges on personal freedom and is further seen by many as a slow yet certain step toward a police state. Yes, as a nation we have to take action in an effort to frustrate the terrorists, but they, the terrorists, know strapping bombs on to insane fanatics and letting them loose to create carnage is almost unpreventable. But closing the door to immigrants and policing all our movements through the use of surveillance cameras is not the answer. Moving down that avenue is none-ending, as improved technology creates even greater levels of surveillance techniques. I can see a day when we all will by law, and in the so called defence of the realm, have to be tagged. This is not science fiction the technology is with us; yes, terrorism has to be defeated ( but only through good and accurate intelligence information and not through the erosion of freedom.

WILLIAM BANKS, Burnlea Gardens, Seghill.

It's wrong to blame the PM

THOSE people blaming Blair and Bush are out of line.

I don't like Blair, but any government in charge would have made the same decisions. When we are in danger should we lie down and roll over?

Blair was not alone when we went to war in Iraq. It is so easy to condemn when you are not in the line of fire.

I don't know how Les May can equate Bush and Blair with the enemy. He is just being silly. Les wants to get his facts right before he calls Blair and Bush murderers. …

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