Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poet's Corner

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Poet's Corner

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All ships

on the Tyne,

Seven league

Masts spiking the sky

On the smokeless river

Timber rules again, ropes,

Tar, ghosts of the sea-dogs.

On the Quayside, girls in

Curves ( like iron filings.

The fleet ships downstream

With singing and tears; crews

Dot spars and rigging like

Gulls, blowing the mind.

Sleep bows part of the waters,

Flat ripples slap playful

Goodbyes in seafaring tongues.

Canvas fills, racing for the

Baltic horizon on sea-green winds.

They navigate for votes (

Winners, the most hospitable Comrades in sail.

That winning post

Is more elusive than

A mermaid's smile

On the rocks.

ERIC MORGAN, The Gables, Kenton Bank Foot, Newcastle.

Home again

ACROSS the seas great sailing

Ships from many other lands

For they are coming home again

The river understands.

Soft winds into great canvas white

To help them on their way

To bring them back to the River Tyne,

Where many fine ships had their day.

The souls of men who built them

The blood, the sweat, the tears

Into the loyal hearts of the sailing ships

Before they sailed away.

But they are coming home again

To swell our hearts with pride

Into a great ship-building river

That can still stand the test of time.

TOM KENNEDY, Shaw Gardens, Wardley, Gateshead.

Back in time

IT'S like looking back in time

When big ships moored along the quay

That were filled with cargo

Bound for destinations unknown

But now they're filled with trainees

Learning how to tame the rigging.

On their journey across the sea

Now its time to depart, as they leave the quay

Under their own power, down the winding river

With some in the rigging

Setting the sails as they enter the mouth

Then tacking or reaching as to approach the line

Making sure they don't cross it. …

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