Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Wind Power Generation of Electricity Is a Costly Delusion

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Wind Power Generation of Electricity Is a Costly Delusion

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It is time for Tony Blair to get off the fence, and set up an unprejudiced committee to sort out facts on wind turbines.

The members would have to have no financial tie ups with the industry, as the figures quoted are for maximum outputs and bear no relation to the reality of wind variations.

We are pouring millions into wind farms, mostly imported, using foreign technology and manufacturing when for a whole month in the winter of 2003 we had no wind over the whole of Britain. What do we do then? The answer is suffer blackouts.

In California, which is short of electric power generation, wind farms are neglected and many turbines broken, not a good advert for wind power.

If we don't want to burn fossil fuels the only consistent power generation is nuclear, as the French discovered years ago. They produce over 74pc of their requirements this way, and export surplus to the UK. Wind power generation is a costly delusion.


Lovely day out at the coast spoilt by state of toilets

I WOULD like to share with you my experience yesterday when visiting Cullercoats with my two young grandchildren.

A lovely day was spoilt by the state of the only toilets on the beach front.

They were absolutely disgusting in my opinion (and not only mine) and they really are a health risk.

Why are these places not cleaned?

We have such a beautiful coastline, it's a shame our lack of facilities let us down.


Tyne & Wear.

Why no skin cancer amongst those who worked on railway?

DOCTORS keep telling us we should not stay out too long in the sun to prevent getting skin cancer.

For three and a half years we had to work long hours in the very hot sun on the Thai-Burma Railway, with very little clothing, no sun creams, and on a very poor diet, and often hungry.

Those of us lucky to get home, as far as I know, have not suffered from skin cancer.

Perhaps this will be of interest to Prof Mark Birch-Machia. If so, could he tell us why this should be?

This is a reply to his interesting article in The Journal (August 4).


Gap between rich and poor wider still under Tony Blair

OH to be a director in one of Britain's top companies now that Tony and his cronies are still in power.

A 16.1% increase in pay last year (2004-5) which is four times faster than average earnings and eight times the rate of inflation took the average pay for a chief executive to more than pounds 2.5m.

An average chief executive is now paid 113 times more than an average UK worker, and the 16.1% 2004-5 figure follows a 13% rise for the previous year, and 23% for the year before that. The rank and file UK worker is receiving 4.1% annual rises and the "disputed" average annual salary is pounds 22,060.

More than 230 directors received over a million in salary last year and it is no wonder that the gap between rich and poor is wider still under Blair's stewardship.

If he does carry out his desire to leave politics no doubt a comfortable niche will be found for him in some boardroom.

D Mitchell,

Why did it take so long for roundabout to be approved?

AT last we are going to get a roundabout at the junction of the A1 slip road South Road and Willowburn Avenue. I have campaigned for this to happen for several months. It has now arrived after a move by Alnwick District Council.

They gave their approval to the Duke for the building of a trade park to accommodate the Homebase DIY store.

This has been a hazardous spot for a long time and is long overdue. But it has taken the death of two people in February 2003 to have this roundabout approved. …

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