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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Byline: Compiled by Travis Hill


Shame on you, Little League parents.

Because of your twisted need to show off, 12-year-olds across the planet are being exploited for television's gain.

Because of your insistence on winning or else, many of these kids associate the great game of baseball with anxiety and fear.

Because of you, coaches cheat.

Because of you, kids learn to cheat.

Because of you, we see a talented young player and think "steroids."

Because of you, the Little League World Series is more frightening than fun.

Sure, not all of you are evil. You're trying to keep your child grounded as he is sunburned by the lights of ESPN camera crews. How noble.

This spectacle is long past serving as a celebration of the exuberance of youth and has plunged into a sickening stage of the devolution of sports.

And because of that, shame on you, Little League parents.


It's draft time! Fantasy football owners worldwide are on the phone, in chat rooms and sitting around beer-soaked tables as they choose the teams that will make their year or break their heart.

We here at Sports Extra are no different: Will staff writer Mike DiRocco, who covers the Florida Gators, overpay for Priest Holmes again?

Here are some tips we decided to pass along to help you emerge with a contender.

-- The San Francisco bleat: The days of Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice are long gone for the terrible 49ers. The new era of Alex Smith, Tim Rattay, Kevan Barlow and Frank Gore is here, and trying to pass them off as reliable fantasy players is worse than Paris Hilton trying to pass herself off as hot.

-- Get your Zs: Leagues aren't necessarily won in the late rounds, but snapping up some sleeper picks always helps. Plus, it makes you look smarter than everyone else. Some names to watch this year: Eric Shelton (RB, Carolina), Antonio Bryant (WR, Cleveland), Ben Troupe (TE, Tennessee), Minnesota defense/special teams and J. …

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