Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Gregg Easteal

Newspaper article Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)

Gregg Easteal

Article excerpt

The crucifixion of Kate Moss got me thinking.

Do we really disapprove of anything in this country?

Or do we just delight in degrading people guilty of that great sin - getting caught.

I call my first witness - Richard Bacon.

Several years ago the Blue Peter presenter was plastered across the papers in similar circumstances to Miss Moss.

At the time we were told his crime was surely one of the most shocking imaginable.

How could he do drugs when he knew that more than virtually anyone else he had to be seen to be setting the right example for children?

The media fell over themselves fighting their way to the top of the moral high-ground to condemn him for his crimes. If this monster of a man kept his job, would he eventually produce a giant spliff on kids' TV uttering the immortal words, "Here's one I prepared earlier"?

So Bacon was bounced out of the BBC.

But he came back.

Lucrative contracts on talk radio and morning television made their way back into his mailbox.

But hang on - wasn't he supposed to be the devil incarnate?

Your honour - call Jonathan Aitken and the Hamiltons.

They came to represent all that was once corrupt and sleazy about the Conservatives in government.

So contemptible then, but do we care now?

Apparently not - they're back on the box all the time and not just as figures of fun. Their opinions are almost rolled out for respect. …

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