Rotary Club Finds Homes for Nouns and Verbs; Club Donates Dictionaries to All County Third-Graders

Article excerpt

Byline: lisa miller

With a shy, but warm smile, third-grader Katherine Kincaid waited patiently in line to get her hands on a little blue book with huge possibilities.

"I think it's really cool," she said, standing behind dozens of classmates.

Kincaid and other third-graders at Hickory Creek Elementary School received free dictionaries Wednesday from the Rotary Club of St. Augustine.

The club raised more than $3,000 this year so each St. Johns County School District third grader could have a


"They're a good resource book for what they're already reading about and what they'll be reading about in the future," said David Hoak, Rotary member.

Not only do the dictionaries contain the spelling and meanings of thousands of words, but they also have statistical information on the 50 states, biographies on all the presidents, maps, information on different countries, an American Sign Language chart and a period table.

The book even has the largest word, more than 1,000 letters long, Hoak said, which is a medical term that refers to a type of protein.

Kincaid said she was thankful for the donation. …


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