Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Bird Flu: The Facts

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Bird Flu: The Facts

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Byline: By Craig Thompson

Is an outbreak of deadly bird flu among humans inevitable?

No, there have been no examples yet of the virus passing from humans to humans.

Why are people worried about it?

The deadly H5N1 strain of the disease has been identified in Turkey and Romania. There are concerns about it spreading further into Europe carried by wild birds, which could devastate the poultry industry.

Is there any danger to humans?

Around 60 people in Asia have died from the virus since 2003 but they have all been poultry workers and therefore in close contact with birds. The fear is that the virus could mutate so that it can pass easily between humans.

Can people catch the virus by eating poultry?


How deadly could the mutant virus be?

It could kill 50,000 people but this is only a best guess and depends on the virulence of the strain. Winter flu normally kills 12,000 a year in Britain.

Will we face a bird flu pandemic this winter? …

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