Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Mia's out of This World

Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)

Mia's out of This World

Article excerpt

Byline: By David Whetstone

Psychic Mia Dolan talks to David Whetstone about her links with the spirit world.

The line of communication to Mia Dolan proved to be less than perfect. She was just defining "psychic" to me when it went dead.

Not that death necessarily spells the end of a conversation with Ms Dolan, who styles herself "the UK's No 1 female psychic".

She has been communicating with Eric for years and he hails from the 13th Century.

Being not dead, though (and I'm touching wood), I was reliant on the vagaries of modern telecommunications. And Ms Dolan was being driven through the Lake District with a mobile phone, a gadget for people who like their conversations interspersed with sudden silences ( particularly when travelling up and down or through tunnels.

Having re-established contact, Ms Dolan explained that "psychic" was "really like an umbrella term. Under that you've got mediums, clairvoyants and clairaudiants. Because I can do all of those things, I'm a psychic."

A clairvoyant sees things and a clairaudiant hears things, if I heard correctly across the ether and the Pennines.

Tomorrow Ms Dolan is putting on a show in Newcastle. She plans to talk about her life and her "gift" and then select someone from the audience to help her demonstrate.

How does she choose? "I'll pick the one who is glowing the most, the one with the most aura. Remember the old Reddy Brek advert? Sometimes I just see spirits standing behind people."

She will try to find things out about the glowing volunteer by communicating with his or her spiritual attendant.

"Sometimes it can last 30 seconds, sometimes six or seven minutes. There's no guarantee. It's no good someone phoning me and saying, `Can I come and see you next Thursday to talk to my mother'."

As a journalist and a cynic, I am naturally inclined to be, well, cynical about Mia Dolan's gift. "There are an awful lot of charlatans out there," she agreed.

But such is her media profile ( she was on ITV's This Morning through the summer and has a new series, Haunted Homes, starting on the same channel in January ( that she can command a large audience. And you can't deny that there are lots of people eager to believe in this stuff.

On the evidence of a broken conversation, Mia Dolan is the salt of the earth with a friendly personality and a genuine desire to share with others the things she experiences ( a task she agreed, rather forlornly, was almost impossible.

It all began for her, she explained, when she was 22 and heard a voice inside her head telling her that her toast was burning. "I thought, oh, I must have smelled the smoke and imagined the voice. I was trying to reason it out."

But the voice kept chipping in. It was "this old guy called Eric. …

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