Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


Newspaper article The Journal (Newcastle, England)


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St Boswells

November 7

John Swan Limited sold 284 clean cattle, 60 cows,

4,853 lambs and 795 ewes.

114 Blks aver. 119.4p p/kg + 6.2p top 146p Mains of Glasshaugh

147 Hfrs aver. 118.9p p/kg + 3.8p top 141p Bee Edge

23 Young Bulls aver. 104p +10.4p top 114p Hoprig. 60 Cows aver. pounds 338 p/head, 56p p/kg top pounds 530 Wester Middleton.

4,853 lambs aver. 110.7p p/kg top pounds 58 Kirkton Hk 125.1p Threeburnford. 795 cast ewes aver. pounds 24.04 top pounds 45 Kirkton, Hwk.

Principal prices: Mains of Glasshaugh 146p to Woodhead Bros; Bee Edge 141p to J. Gilmour & Co Ltd; Ramrig 141p to Woodhead Bros; Bee Edge 140p to Woodhead Bros; Claywalls 140p to Woodhead Bros; Lurdenlaw 139.5p to Woodhead Bros; Bee Edge 139p to J. Gilmour & Co. Ltd and Woodhead Bros; Saughland 139p to J. Gilmour & Co Ltd; Bygate 138.5p to Woodhead Bros; Bee Edge 138p to Woodhead Bros; Bee Edge 137p to J. Gilmour & Co Ltd; Ramrig 136p to W.T.S. Forsyth & Sons; Lurdenlaw 135p to Woodhead Bros. Heavyweight bullocks pounds 938 Bee Edge.

John Swan Limited sold 5,648 sheep at their weekly prime sale comprising 4,853 lambs and 795 cast ewes/rams. Lambs were well shown with all types meeting the best trade of the season to average 110.7p/pkg (pounds 49.04) overall with quality export pens 120 ( 125p/pkg regularly. Lambs sold to pounds 58 for 7 Texel.x weighing 48 kilos from Kirkton, Hawick and 125.1p/pkg for 12 Beltex.x scaling 39 kilos from Threeburnford. Lambs per head ( Suff.x pounds 56.80 Huntington, pounds 54.20 Nether Tofts, pounds 54 Priesthaugh, Whitsome West Newton, pounds 53.80 Altarstone, Blackhills, pounds 53.60 Swinnie, pounds 53.50 Bonjedward Mill, Langraw, Whiteknowes; Tex.x pounds 58 Kirkton, Hwk, pounds 56.50 Dykehead Smithy, pounds 55.50 Mains of Glasshaugh, pounds 54. …

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