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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Byline: Jason Schneider


I admit it. I root for Steve Spurrier.

Now, I don't root for South Carolina, but when it comes to the Ol' Ball Coach, there's something about the arrogance, the smirk and the style that just makes this Florida State alumnus pull for the visor-tosser.

As a young, somewhat studious sports fan at FSU, it was impossible to say anything positive about the then-Florida Gators coach. And you couldn't root for Spurrier as a Washington Redskin because his teams were just too atrocious. But as a Gamecock? I can support that.

My affections for Spur-dog went unknown until the waning minutes of the South Carolina-Tennessee game when I felt a warmth in my heart. At the time I dismissed those feelings to the hot honey-mustard buffalo wings, but I have since come over to dark side and embraced my dark ball coach.

And I'm not alone.

Spurrier is good for college football. You may love him. You may hate him. You may love to hate him. But you've got to feel something, and that gets fans riled up about games and attracts non-fans to tune in.

And you've got to love that.


Never, in the history of all sports, has there been a weekend more offensive to the eye than this past week's slate of college football games. And this is isn't about that Oklahoma-Nebraska stinker.

This is about Virginia Tech, Florida and the University of Miami. These three schools should have lost votes in the polls because of their respective fashion faux pas.

The Hokies and the Gators had similar infractions, but they'll be dealt with separately and Miami . . . well, let's just say that the Hurricanes may have disqualified the entire city as a mecca of cool.

Virginia Tech: The Hokies are at a great disadvantage because their official colors are brown and orange. Nothing looks good in that color combo. Not even Halle Berry and Marisa Miller clad in orange and brown bikinis would be appealing. But on Thursday, against Boston College, the Hokies went with the different colored sleeves, making it even worse. It looked like the Tech trainers had spilled gravy all over the jerseys. …

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