Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Blame Skinflint Brown, Not OAPs

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Blame Skinflint Brown, Not OAPs

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I wish all those senior citizens who are writing to apologise about their proposed free travel on the Metro would stop it.

The apologies should be coming from Gordon Brown, the instigator of this debacle. I find this offer without apparent adequate funding from the Treasury dishonest. Maybe the Treasury black hole is bigger than reported. I would point out to these apologists that free travel is in operation in certain areas of the UK and will no doubt continue (how do they do it?) even if Gordon Brown were to take notice of these letters. This apparent shortfall was reported by Nexus and councillors so why are they not fighting the Treasury instead of letting senior citizens take the brunt of this situation. I would point out there is no 50p top fare in Co Durham for senior citizens.

J GORDON, Garden Farm Estate, Chester-le-Street.

I'll pay to help out children

I AM a pensioner and I don't agree with this free travel. I'm willing to pay my money to help towards the kiddies. The Government should pull its socks up. What they are doing is wrong. They are making pensioners feel guilty and I've spoken to a lot of my friends and they feel the same.

DR, Wallsend.

We deserve free travel aid

IN REPLY to MA, of Newbiggin Hall Estate. Not all pensioners can travel in the North East for 50p. My husband and I are nearly 80 and we live in a village in County Durham. It costs pounds 6 for us to have day out in Newcastle. We have friends in London and other major cities and they have had a free bus pass for years, so why shouldn't North pensioners have a free pass?

HG, County Durham.

Criticism is undeserved

I MUST speak out about the criticism from certain members of the public who oppose pensioners getting free travel. It's time those people took a good look at dinner times when kids are out of school in public places, to observe the food they waste.

And food isn't tuppence halfpenny, so don't begrudge what old people deserve. We've all worked hard for this entitlement.

MM, Gateshead.

Bus service is a disgrace

I AM writing to complain about bus service No: 648, Wardley to Winlaton.

There are a lot of elderly people at Wardley and they will not go out as they can't depend on this bus and it is the only one we have. It is supposed to be every 20 minutes, but today people stood from 9am to 9.50am.

One bus came down at 9.15am and stood for nearly 25 minutes before turning around at the terminus.

In the meantime, another bus came down and went out Sorry Not In Service.

This happens often and people are late for work many times and we are left standing in the cold and wet as there are no shelters.

Why can't the 648 run to Gateshead and back instead of having to go to the MetroCentre and on to Winlaton? There are plenty of buses from Gateshead to these places.

M GRIER, Joyce Close, Wardley.

Blair waving the white flag

SURRENDER is in the air again, just a matter of weeks ago Anthony Blair put on one of his tough guy acts (learned from Bush) and stated firmly, loudly and clearly that Britain's Euro rebate was not for discussion, and he intended to keep it in force. …

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