Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Hey, Rocky! I Bet I Have Better Swing

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

Hey, Rocky! I Bet I Have Better Swing

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Byline: Laura Capitano

AMELIA ISLAND -- Local movie theaters are clamoring to get their hands on the video from my first ever golf lesson, which came from the Anne Cain Golf Academy on Amelia Island. They're sure it will be this season's feel-good holiday movie. Capitano: A Driver's Tale offers a little something for everyone: action, comedy, drama, all cut with footage of Ben Hogan and his coveted perfect swing. The implied comparison of our swings shows how far I have to go not to be laughably bad. It's a true underdog story.

In the beginning, I make the coming-of-age decision that I should take up the time-honored game of golf. The thought of learning a new sport brings flashbacks of my high school gym teacher who berated my self-taught tennis racquet grip with hollers of, "You couldn't hit the breeze holding it like that!" This time, I opt to train on the fundamentals of golf with a professional.

The story really picks up when I meet Anne Cain and we whiz to the hitting stations in our golf carts -- she even let's me drive a cart of my own, which I think is a nice touch. It shows Cain's generosity as well as her desire not to look like she's giving me a tour of an apartment complex.

At the station, she introduces me to the technology I'll be using. It's a little like the James Bond scenes with gadget man Q. I get a rundown on the Hot Lines computer-aided golf instruction technology.

The training program allows the instructor to place lines on the video image of the golfer that signify where his body should be positioned for a correct stance. When the student's stance gets sloppy, he crosses the Hot Line, and the floor opens enough to gobble up the teed ball. This instant feedback allows the golfer to see his mistake on the monitor and work to correct it. …

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