Asleep at Wheel without a License; the Man Awoke to an Officer Turning off the Ignition, Reports Say

Article excerpt

When you don't have a driver's license, it's a bad idea to park in the middle of the road and then go to sleep at the wheel.

That's a lesson Alfred Erenest Silva, 45, learned early Friday morning.

Jacksonville patrolman L.C. Miller reported that he found Silva asleep at the wheel of his 1999 Buick Regal in the middle of the 600 block of Ivy Street, with the engine running.

When Miller reached in and turned the car off, he reported, Silva woke up and said, "I'm out on bond for driving without my license."

In addition to being arrested and taken to jail on the charge of being a habitual traffic offender driving on a suspended or revoked license, Miller charged Silva with operating a motor vehicle without using his seat belt.

Charlie Patton


It doesn't sound like the easiest crime to conceal. But somebody is driving a stolen van covered in Red Bull logos.

Red Bull is a canned energy drink that includes a red bull in its logo.

Mike Nearbin, manager of Champion Brands at 5571 Florida Mining Blvd. S., reported the van missing Friday afternoon. However, he told police the van hadn't been used by the company in three weeks, and he wasn't sure how long it had been missing. …


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