The Best PR Is a Job Well-Done; KB Home's Vince DePorre Pulled the Company Up by Its Bootstraps -- by Making Customer Satisfaction the Secret to Success

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Vince DePorre is the KB Home North Florida president. In the year since he began work in Jacksonville for the national home builder, KB Home jumped 12 points and two places to fourth place in the J.D. Power and Associates customer satisfaction ranking, making KB Home the most improved home builder in Jacksonville.

DePorre oversees the construction of 13 active and seven planned communities in North Florida.

He spoke with the Times-Union about what he has done to improve customer satisfaction, what areas can still improve, and how satisfaction affects the bottom line.

Q: What have you done to improve customer satisfaction since last year?

We've begun to have a lot of interaction with the buyer throughout the building process. After the point of sale, we have them meet with the builder, and then give them updates every week about the construction of their home. We also have many other walkthroughs at different points in construction.

Before we put the drywall up, the buyers walk through with hardhats in case they have secondthoughts about locating a switch or anything like that. …