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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Byline: Travis Hill


Sports fans, I am here to offer you an invaluable service: I can make or break your favorite team or player's chances.

You don't believe me? Let's go to the play-by-play.

Tony Stewart, you are very welcome.

It has been well-documented in this space that I tried to give NASCAR a chance this year, and chose Stewart as my favorite driver. Sure enough, my man is your left-turn champ.

The Yankees? Hate 'em. They spent what seemed like billions for the perfect team. What did they come away with? Nothing but frustration.

I've been telling all you SEC and ACC folk for years about Reggie Bush.

And I've never liked Kobe Bryant, the Baltimore Ravens or 3-foot putts.

Now, I'm not trying to brag, my friends. I'm just trying to show what results my rooting can bring.

So, in the interest of you, our faithful Sports Extra readers, I am offering my services.

Fire me an e-mail. Whoever sends in the best reasons for me to love or hate any particular teams or players (or mascots or cheerleaders . . .), they will be printed here.

You don't believe? Try me:


It's Week 13, football fans, and we don't need any luck. The playoffs are around the corner, and we're confident. These picks are the real deal. (Unless they're not. Then we were kidding.)


QB Tom Brady -- Last week was an aberration. Brady (below) has the Jets this week, who would get killed by USC.

QB Matt Hasselbeck -- Quietly having a nice year. Monday night, the praises will get a little louder.

WR Marvin Harrison -- Ho-hum. Another 85-100 yards and a score. Never have you enjoyed being so bored.


QB David Garrard (below) -- Leftwich haters, rejoice! He'll throw one and rush for another.

RB Jamal Lewis -- You could rush for 100 and a score against the Texans. With your shoelaces tied together.

RB Cadillac Williams -- Oh, Caddy. You broke our hearts just weeks ago. …

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