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Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

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Byline: Bob Pulley


NASCAR season's over. Oh yeah.

Working in this department I have to keep up with it, but I find it mile after mile of monotonous and excruciatingly boring left turns.

Supposedly, it's about great driving, great strategy and great cars. In reality, about 80 percent of the races are won by a driver because he did or didn't stop or gas, or tires. And, of course, didn't wreck.

You want to see death-defying excitement? Just set up a lawn chair at rush hour near the split between I-10 and I-95. Or near Butler and I-95, University and Atlantic, or Blanding and I-295.

In NASCAR, the drivers are going 180 mph but have nice wide lanes and are all focused on their actual driving, and not dying. On Jacksonville highways, drivers are only going 70 to 90, but they're shaving, putting on lipstick, drinking coffee, going over their day planner, flipping evil fingers and screaming at the kids in the back seat -- all at the same time, and all while weaving in and out among drivers doing the same thing.

Now that's excitement.

Give me this. A race from Kingsley Avenue to I-295 on Blanding, at 7:45 a.m., with a mom in an SUV who's 10 minutes late to day care -- vs. Jeff Gordon in his best car.

The 24 car's got no shot.



Motorsports may be dull to watch for many of us (except maybe for the backflips by Carl Edwards, below) but the cliches that surround it may be the best in all of sports. Here are just a few:

-- The Dupont-Kleenex-Raybestos-Chevrolet Monte Carlo was running real good today.

-- That's racin'.

-- Rubbin' is racin'

-- I got loose in the turn.

-- The car's running a little loose.

-- The car's running a little tight.

-- It's all about speed.

-- It's not always about speed.

-- The car is all tore up. …

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