PUB BAN SHAME OF TUBE STRIKE LEADER; Union 'Thugs' in Foulmouthed 4-Hour Drinking Session

Article excerpt


UNION chief Bob Crow is barred from a pub over a foulmouthed drinking session so shocking police were called.

He was among 14 members of the RMT, thought to be fellow officials, who swore at customers, insulted staff and threatened the landlord as they sang rowdy songs.

According to witnesses, every other word used by the group was the "c" word and some seemed to take delight in upsetting the staff, who are mainly young Frenchwomen.

The group's yobbish behaviour was so bad they were asked to leave the Camden gastropub, near RMT headquarters, but One onlooker said: "Crow did nothing to stop what they were doing. He didn't tell them to calm down and yet he's supposed to be a leader who sets an example."

The [pounds sterling]63,000a-year RMT chief, who is due to ballot Tube drivers over an all-out strike, admitted he was barred. He dismissed the incident, saying: "Unfortunately, the new management took exception to our singing of seasonal songs." Mr Crow, 46, was among the group who went into the Somers Town Coffee House in Chalton Street last month at lunchtime.

One customer said: "There were 10 to 15 of them and we knew they were RMT guys because they were wearing the logo on their fleeces, and Bob Crow was definitely one of them. …


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