Must Be Something in the Celebrity Water; Star Pregnancies Baby Boom in Tinseltown for Broody Stars

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ANTENATAL classes will be pretty full in Hollywood at the moment. No sooner has one celebrity given birth to their little bundle of joy than two more announce they are pregnant.

The latest couple to join the baby boom are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

But not content with copying the trend they are going one better - with twins, due in early summer.

Brangelina were happy to confirm the rumours. But others have been coy. Gwen Stefani had already aroused suspicions when she announced the news on the last date of her tour. And Gwyneth Paltrow paraded her bump around for a month before confessing she was expecting a brother or sister for little Apple.

The first celebrity mum of the year was Holly Hunter, who yesterday gave birth to twins. Next up are Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, who will be having a Scientology pregnancy.

But whichever way the babies are born, they will find plenty of playpals among their neighbours.

Third tot lucky: Laura Louie and Woody Harrelson expect child number three in May

Plenty of good will: first child for Matt Damon and the second for his wife Luciana is due in July

Dadiator: Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer expect their second child in July

Greatest hit: Gwen Stefani announced her first child at the last gig of her tour

Keep it quiet: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise expect a Scientologyapproved birth in March

For my next trick: Brooke Shields expects her second child in a few months

Countdown: Mira Sorvino's second child is on schedule for summer

Boys 'R Us: Christy Turlington and Edward Burns are expecting a son to arrive in February

Leading the pack: Holly Hunter gave birth to her twins yesterday morning

Cotplay: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin expect a second child in May

Bulging with success: Golden Globe winner Rachel Weisz's first child is due in May

Two good to be true: Angelina JOlie awaits twins with Brad Pitt

PS It's happening over here too! …


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