Innovators Sound Dated ..... Coldcut POP Cargo, EC2

Article excerpt


"WE'RE back!" bellowed Matt Black, who alongside his partner Jonathan Moore makes up the venerated DJ/production duo of Coldcut. "It's about f***in' time!"

came a voice from the crowd.

Indeed, it's hard to think about Coldcut without thinking about the extraordinary legacy that they left to electronic music in the late Eighties and early Nineties.

As founders of the seminal electronic label Ninja Tune, pioneers of the "trip-hop sound" and creators of the definitive mix of Eric B and Rakim's hip-hop classic, Paid in Full, it was somehow appropriate that their first London outing for some years should incorporate cutting-edge technological elements alongside unabashed throwbacks. On one level, their performance was truly modern. With laptops and hard drives as their instruments, their backing band consisted of a DJ who made brilliant use of CD turntables and another chap who created bespoke projections to accompany their music. And instead of bothering with such outmoded concepts as flyers, their promotional material was beamed to partygoers using Bluetooth technology. …


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