Occupational Health Is a Necessity

Article excerpt

Employers can be faced with a bewildering array of legislation, guidance and advice from many agencies. Newcastle Occupational Health and Hygiene can provide clients with a comprehensive resource to assist employers to manage health and safety and meet their legal responsibilities.

Good occupational health and safety is an essential part of the effective management of the health of people at work. It can reduce ill health and accidents and should improve morale and performance.

Newcastle Occupational Health and Hygiene is part of Newcastle Primary Care Trust which provides a service to NHS and small, medium and large enterprises.


OCCUPATIONAL health promotes a proactive approach to the interaction of health and work. This can be tailored to, and integrated with, existing HR functions.

It includes:

* pre-employment screening,

* sickness absence referrals,

* immunisation programmes or

* health surveillance.

* Health surveillance is often carried out at the employers' premises as part of a rolling programme, in close liaison with occupational hygiene. …


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