Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

'Cudas Game Is Place to See and Be Seen on Jumbotron

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

'Cudas Game Is Place to See and Be Seen on Jumbotron

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Byline: Laura Capitano

I was up to my usual hockey game antics while watching the Jacksonville Barracudas play Jan. 12. I sipped beer, nibbled an unsalted pretzel and scanned the ice for hot hockey players to cheer for. And yes, missing teeth and all, I'm generally drawn to hockey players.

These rugged yet agile, slightly maniacal men with sticks have enticed me since my sister and I used to waddle out in our double-bladed training skates to the flooded, frozen field near our mother's house. The neighborhood boys would battle it out on this makeshift ice rink, scrambling to be the first to gain control of the dropped puck like their very lives depended on it. They'd race around the ice at speeds I would never dare attempt, smash into another player and crumble into a heap of North Face.

As I scoped the 'Cudas' on-ice talent, familiar faces on the Veterans Memorial Arena Jumbotron caught my eye, breaking my rink-side gaze. I did a double take and poked my friends in the ribs, thrusting my other hand tron-ward, "Look! We're on the Jumbotron!"

We leapt to our feet and commenced to do the girlie Jumbotron dance that chicks instinctively break into when they are struck with such moments of random, fleeting fame. My crew and I are well-aware that a pre-op Pamela Anderson was discovered on a Canadian Jumbotron. You never know what kind of scouts are in the crowd; best to shake a little booty just in case.

However, chances are not good that any talent agents were in this game's measly crowd of under 1,200 people.

So where was everybody? Seriously. My friends and I can now check "Dance on Jumbotron" off our lists of things to do in this lifetime, and no one was there to see us.

The Thursday night Jacksonville Suns games were packed last season, so why would so few people go to a hockey game? If people can get fired up over minor league baseball, surely they can muster similar excitement for the 'Cudas. …

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