Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Exercise Will Prolong My Life

Newspaper article Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)

Exercise Will Prolong My Life

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Byline: By Jane Picken

Doctors warned former bar manager Tom Belilios he was risking severe liver damage if he did not shape up. Jane Picken discovers how he took a different approach to turning his life around

Tom Belilios' diet used to be a feast of fatty foods, including all kinds of takeaways, topped by a refusal to get involved in any physical activity.

But you're now more likely to see Tom, from Newcastle, pumping iron at his local gym than downing pints in his local pub.

The 34-year-old was told by doctors in late 2004 he was developing fatty deposits on his liver ( a condition which could lead to liver failure if it went untreated.

At almost 23 stone, Tom's weight was named as the cause of his poor health and he resolved to fight the flab.

"It was a major shock to me, especially as I was only 33, but I realised I had to make some major changes if I wasn't going to suffer ill health and a potential early death," says Tom, who lives in Four Lane Ends.

Tom signed up to Greens Health & Fitness in Gosforth where fitness instructor Steven Swanson worked out a full training programme on his behalf.

Since then, he has lost an impressive three stones.

But even more startling is the reduction in his body fat from 55% to just 24%.

"What Tom achieved in such a short time is not only down to the advice given to him but his determination to reach a goal," said Steven.

"He has understood the importance of reducing his body fat and has also followed a structured training programme.

"Most people will come to me and say they want to lose weight, but what they often mean is that they want to reduce their body fat percentage. A simple body fat analysis will determine how much of a person's total body weight is made up of fat, which is a far more reliable and informative measure than weight on its own.

"When Tom first came to us he was unfit and more then half of his total body weight was made up of fat, so the first thing we did was to show him how to combine regular exercise with a sensible diet. …

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