Everyone's a Critic

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So you think Matt Soergel must be on a Sno-cap sugar high when he sees films? Everyone's a Critic lets you play movie reviewer. Here's what "regular folks" think of movies currently playing at the multiplex.

Annapolis -- I read your review on Annapolis, giving it just 1 1/2 stars. Although I typically agree with your reviews, Annapolis is a great feel-good movie with action and an overall uplifting theme. I felt it thematically mimicked older movies like An Officer and a Gentleman and Rudy -- but that's OK, because they were great movies, too. Matt, I think you'll be surprised at how well Annapolis does at the box office via word of mouth.

Bill Goss, 50, Orange Park

Annapolis -- Having taught at the Naval Academy, I was most anxious to see how Hollywood would handle the storied institution. Bull's-eye! In this Rocky-meets-An Officer and a Gentleman story, honor and integrity become black-and-white realities: Lie, and you're out; fail to stand up to the closest scrutiny of your character, and you're out. …


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