Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

TalkBack; Are You Moving into Negative Savings Territory? T-YOU

Newspaper article The Florida Times Union

TalkBack; Are You Moving into Negative Savings Territory? T-YOU

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We want to gauge your feelings on issues in the news. Our question this week: A recent study said Americans are saving less than ever before -- some are even in negative territory. How much are you saving these days? Head to, keyword: T-You, to register your thoughts.

a. Savings? Not with rising insurance premiums, college tuitions and $40-a-tank gas prices.

b. I put money in my 401(k), but not as much as I should.

c. I save what I can, which is usually the equivalent of the amount of change I can find in the couch cusions.

d. My rainy day fund would last about that long -- a day.

e. I've got it all set up: mutual funds, a 529 plan for my kids, IRAs, you name it. Easy Street retirement, here I come.

Last week we asked: It's been nearly a year since Jacksonville hosted the Super Bowl. Back then, the event was touted as the thing that would put the city on the map. What do you think?

36 percent (71 votes): Last year rocked. We should try to get another one.

31 percent (62 votes): For all the millions the city spent, we still have a Skyway that goes nowhere, a courthouse that isn't built and roads that have yet to be fixed.

22 percent (44 votes): The value of hosting the Super Bowl can't be measured in one year. Get back to me in 2010.

9 percent (19 votes): The Super Bowl was the best thing to happen to the city since they got rid of the stinky paper mills.

Here's what some of you had to say on the subject:

-- The economic impact of the Super Bowl will be felt for years to come, even long after the fans left town. It's sad to see so many naysayers are still living in Jacksonville. [They are] the same [people] that have good jobs in our growing, vibrant economy. If their employer [left] town, they'd sure get behind economic development then, finally!

-- The NFL played Jacksonville like a violin. They used our inferiority complex against us and we end up paying millions of dollars for their party. …

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